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About Our Community 

We are an organisation for practitioners of community brokerage. This common interest connects and holds us together as a community of practice.  Our community is bound by shared working practice and good conversations. What we do informs our participation and what we learn from our community of practice informs what we do.  


We have a diverse board of directors who come from all walks of life.  All our directors have experience of or a commitment to improving Scotland's community brokerage and self-directed support provision.


We provide opportunities for community brokers and other professionals to connect together, develop their learning, improve their practice and grow their own local brokerage communities and interest groups. 

Our organisation is an Associate  Member of Self-Directed Support Scotland (SDSS). 

Happy Woman

“Communities of practice are a practical way to frame the task of managing knowledge. They provide a concrete organizational infrastructure for realizing the dream of a learning organization.”
― Etienne Wenger, Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge

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