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Continuing professional learning (CPL), is an evolving activity undertaken to develop and enhance professional experience, knowledge and skills.  CPL should always be self-directed and best practice suggests undertaking at least 30 CPL hours each year.  There are many different CPL opportunities to be found in both personal and professional environments.  The ABC of P believes that planning and undertaking CPL is key to ensuring and upholding good standards and consistency within community brokerage practice throughout Scotland.  The ABC of P aims to provide its members with a range of self-directed CPL opportunities.  FULL Members of the ABC of P have access to our CPL Zone on-demand activities and a CPL Toolbox to help them to plan, track and achieve their CPL goals.  

Pensive Freelancer

Professional Activities

belonging to a professional interest group

mentoring others

providing peer support 

Practice Based Learning

case studies

reflective practice

project management

Formal Learning

SQA award

online learning

attending conferences 

Self-Directed Learning

watching television programmes

joining twitter or facebook groups 

watching podcasts

Community Activities

community research

leading groups 

public service 

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